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SKU: electric-gloves-pr SAS Electrical Service Gloves

SAS Electrical Service Gloves
Purchase SAS Electrical Service Gloves
  • SAS Electrical Service Gloves

  • $64.95


These are Rubber electric insulating gloves for electric work.
  • Class 0 Type 1
  • Meets ASTM D120 standards
  • 12 inch length rolled cuff
  • Lightweight
  • Protects up to 1000 volts AC / 1500 volts DC
  • Available in 4 sizes: medium (8), Large (9), XLarge (10) to 2Xlarge (11)
  • Price is per pair
  • Class 00-4 testing on electric service gloves inspected and tested in the USA. To schedule re-testing of your electric glove, call 1-800-262-0200.

    Please Note:These are a special order item. We don't stock them, but we would be over joyed to order them for you. The smallest size available is a MEDIUM which is a men's size 8. While we realize this is still going to be larger than most women would like, this is the smallest electric glove we know of and of course, the distributor warehouses do not typically stock the medium size. They stock the large and up, but not the medium. So we have included the larger sizes because those are available quick, just know the mediums will take slightly longer to come in. Please feel free place an order and we'll get on the horn and order it for you (please allow 2 weeks or so for them to come in)
    The Large-2XL inventory quantities shown is what is available in our distributor's warehouse, which is just a few days away.