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SKU: MSA420-Respirator Latex-Free Half Mask Respirator - Advantage 420

Latex-Free Half Mask Respirator - Advantage 420
Purchase Latex-Free Half Mask Respirator - Advantage 420
  • Latex-Free Half Mask Respirator - Advantage 420

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MSA's latest and greatest fitting advantage model respirator.
  • UniBond over-mold facepiece,
  • AnthroCurve face seal
  • Another low profile design
  • Advantage 420 Respirator is the superior option for respiratory protection.
  • The over-mold facepiece and face seal ensure the unit provides an excellent fit and comfort to the wearer.
  • The unique yoke and harness design (patent pending) allows a user to easily don and doff the state-of-the-art respirator while maintaining a customized fit.
  • Other features include a ComforTop headband
  • Built-in moisture release chin cup hole
  • Extra-wide had and neck straps.
  • Latex-Free (Primarily Silicone)
  • Pictured with p100 filters - the Filters and Cartridges are SOLD SEPARATELY.

    Use ONLY With MSA Advantage Filters & Cartridges (SOLD SEPARATELY)

    Principles of Operation
    Upon inhalation, the air stream flows through the cartridges, which remove contaminants, so the wearer breathes in clean, fresh air.

    The following is some information provided by MSA ... you can go to their website for more helpful respiratory information ....

    Approvals and Standards
    The Advantage 420 respirator when used as directed, with the proper filters or cartridges and properly fit tested, is approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for use against a variety of respiratory hazards.

    Asbestos Abatement
    Electric Utility
    Hazardous Materials
    Oil and Gas
    Paper & Pulp
    Sanding & Grinding
    Spray Painting

    Nuisance Odor
    Particulate and Dust
    Toxic Atmosphere Non-IDLH

    A special note about respirator sizing: there is NO size chart or guideline available for sizing respirators. The only true way to tell if a respirator fits properly is to conduct a respirator fit test (in addition to a fit check - this is two different things). If you are uncertain about this, you should ask your employer - they are supposed to provide respiratory protection training and fit testing. Also, please note, anyone using a respirator should have a doctor's approval - after all, your lungs do the work in pulling air through the filters!