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SKU: Sperian-Miller-E570 Ms. Miller Womens Fall Arrest Harness E570, Small Sizes

Ms. Miller Womens Fall Arrest Harness E570, Small Sizes
Purchase Ms. Miller Womens Fall Arrest Harness E570, Small Sizes
  • Ms. Miller Womens Fall Arrest Harness E570, Small Sizes

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Introduced in 1998, the Ms. Miller E570 fall arrest safety harness is the ONLY full body fall arrest harness on the market specially designed to fit women. This unique fall arrest harness was designed by two female engineers and is quite different than the standard men's fall protection harnesses. The Ms. Miller is modeled after a rock climber's harness. In lieu of cross straps, this uniquely designed harness keeps shoulder straps at the side and away from the chest. The leg straps do not ride up and additional features include leg pads and a back pad. The harness design offers better hip support and increased comfort. Keep in mind, two major differences of the female body are the chest and pelvis. The Ms. Miller design addresses both of these differences quite adequately and is offered in a variety of sizes from small to XXLarge based on height and weight. The Ms. Miller meets ANSI A10.32, Z359.1 and CZA Z259. specifications.


  • Traditional Lanyard D Ring on back 
  • Now offered with the two side rings in addition to the back ring
  • Mating Buckles
  • Back AND Leg Pads
  • Unique Design
  • Webbing DuraFlex (Lime Green)
  • Semi Universal Sizing Available: XXS/XS (not shown on chart); Small/Medium is shown as "medium" on the chart below, Universal, XXLarge (see chart below)
  • Measurements should be considered over the clothing (over coveralls or whatever you will be wearing on the job) etc).
  • Size may vary with height, see the chart below as a general guideline.
  • According to the manufacturer's tech support, the best way to select harness size is by waist measurement
  • XXS/XS (not on chart): waist 26" - 36" (measure over clothing) - Available as a special order, they will manufacturer it for you! 
  • S/M (shown as small/ medium on chart,  waist 32" - 44" (measured over clothing) 
  • Universal: Waist 36" - 52" (measured over clothing).This is termed "universal size" because this is the typical size of a man's harness.