PinkGear Kit - Pink Hard Hat, Tool Belt & More!

MPN: PinkKit
PinkGear  Kit - Pink Hard Hat, Tool Belt & More!

PinkGear Kit - Pink Hard Hat, Tool Belt & More!

MPN: PinkKit

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Hard Hat:

Product Details


The Exclusive Professional PinkGear Kit Includes each of the following items:

  • Your Choice of Pink Hard Hat (Standard Size (choose from option above)
  • Pink Tool Belt, as shown.
  • ANSI Z87.1+ compliant Pink Frame, Clear Lens Safety Glasses - we'll do our best to match the pink frame glasses with which ever hard hat you choose!
  • Women's  pink work gloves.  (1 pair)
  • Pink Ear Plugs (2 pairs)

    You won't find this kit anywhere else!

    ToolBelt Sizing Info:

  • Toolbelt adjusts from approximately 25 inches to  48 inches.  Waist extenders are NOT available for this particular toolbelt.  

    Hard Hat Options:

  • LIGHT PINK Hard Hat, with Ratchet Suspension (turn knob)
  • ERB Americana Hot Pink Hard Hat with Ratchet (turn knob) Suspension
  • ERB Omega II Purple Hard Hat with Ratchet suspension
  • Bullard Light Pink with Ratchet suspension (adds $4.95)
  • MSA VGard Light Pink with Quick Glide Suspension (not a ratchet suspension)
  • Pink VENTED Hard Hat with Ratchet Suspension
  • Note: Ratchet suspension has a turn knob in the back for a quick and easy adjustment with one hand! The standard suspension sometimes called quick glide (ERB) or staz-on (MSA) has a sliding adjustment similar to a baseball cap. Both fit the same standard size. Ratchet is the most popular on the jobsite!