PinkGear Kit - Pink Hard Hat, Tool Belt & More!

MPN: PinkKit
PinkGear  Kit - Pink Hard Hat, Tool Belt & More!

PinkGear Kit - Pink Hard Hat, Tool Belt & More!

MPN: PinkKit

Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'PinkGear Kit - Pink Hard Hat, Tool Belt & More!'. Please check back later.
Hard Hat:

Product Details

Apologies, this kit is out of stock due to the unavailability of this particular style tool belt (original pink box) ... check back in the spring 2019!! 


The Exclusive Professional PinkGear Kit Includes each of the following items:

  • Your Choice of Pink Hard Hat (Standard Size (choose from option above)
  • Pink Tool Belt, as shown.
  • ANSI Z87.1+ compliant Pink Frame, Clear Lens Safety Glasses - we'll do our best to match the pink frame glasses with which ever hard hat you choose!
  • Women's  pink work gloves.  (1 pair)
  • Pink Ear Plugs (2 pairs)

    You won't find this kit anywhere else!

    ToolBelt Sizing Info:

  • Toolbelt adjusts from approximately 25 inches to  48 inches.  Waist extenders are NOT available for this particular toolbelt.  

    Hard Hat Options:

  • LIGHT PINK Hard Hat, with Ratchet Suspension (turn knob)
  • ERB Americana Hot Pink Hard Hat with Ratchet (turn knob) Suspension
  • ERB Omega II Purple Hard Hat with Ratchet suspension
  • Bullard Light Pink with Ratchet suspension (adds $4.95)
  • MSA VGard Light Pink with Quick Glide Suspension (not a ratchet suspension)
  • Pink VENTED Hard Hat with Ratchet Suspension
  • Note: Ratchet suspension has a turn knob in the back for a quick and easy adjustment with one hand! The standard suspension sometimes called quick glide (ERB) or staz-on (MSA) has a sliding adjustment similar to a baseball cap. Both fit the same standard size. Ratchet is the most popular on the jobsite!