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How to measure for PPE, Size Charts

We have updated and consolidated the sizing for gloves, hard hats, and clothing. We provide manufacturer specific size charts when they are offered by the manufacturer and we have put together general size charts.

How to measure your hand for gloves:

Next up! How to measure for hard hat sizing: Use a soft tape measurer and wrap around your head as shown in the photo below. Wrap it along the path of your head where the hard hat suspension sits.

Note: the only small hard hat on the market today is the MSA VGard Small - not only is the suspension smaller, but the entire shell is smaller. It is a front brim cap. It is your only option for a small hard hat. There are no full or wide brim hard hats on the market in a smaller size.

Trick of the Trade: Some women use the Weldas Sweatsopads that wrap around hard hat or welding helmet suspensions. These help take up the slack when you need a smaller size. They help prevent the hard hat from slipping and sliding around your head and they come two per pack. There are women that use both of them to get a better fit for their hard hat or helmet! Click here to see the sweatsopads.

We need to caution, these sweatsopads are made to wrap around hard hat and welding helmet suspensions. You should not use items that are not made to be compatible with hard hats. So just wrapping fabric around your suspension is not recommended. These Sweatsopads have other properties (i.e. they are also flame retardant). It is best to use products for their intended purposes and never alter any safety equipment because it doesn't fit. For example, small hard hat suspensions do not fit in a standard size hard hat.